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Greek Summer At Sun And Moon Villas

Greek Summer at Sun and Moon Villas

There is nothing like a summer holiday spent on a Greek island complete with sun-filled days at the beach: swimming in crystal clear blue waters, relaxing under the umbrella, drinking an iced beverage and clearing the mind.

There is nothing like a summer holiday spent on Naxos, exploring the largest island of the Cyclades: visiting its many beaches, villages, archaeological sites, historic cultural venues, museums and unique shops!

And after a long day of discovery and adventure, there is nothing like coming home… to Sun and Moon Villas, your exclusive home away from home when spending your summer holiday on Naxos. This is the time to cool off from the hot sun, to take a siesta, to indulge in the sounds of the cicadas…

There is nothing like a summer afternoon-early evening on a Greek island. This is the time of “kalispera,” the greeting when we bid welcome to the afternoon and the time before night falls.

Kalispera! Time to enjoy a light snack before getting ready for a night on the town. How about a cup of coffee or tea, with a delightful spoon sweet made from local fruit preserves? Or an aperitif, or a glass of wine accompanied by a selection of local cheeses or delicious summer fruit.

There is nothing like Greek summer … on Naxos … in Pyrgaki … at Sun and Moon Villas, where the sun and the moon welcome you home on your holiday vacation.

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